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WP OptinJam 2.0 Review: WordPress and WebinarJam/EverWebinar Just Got Better

WP OptinJam 2.0 review and bonus - WP OptinJam 2.0

WP OptinJam 2.0:

If you use WebinarJam or EverWebinar for your webinar marketing, then make sure you check out the all new WP OptinJam plugin from Plugin Results.

WP OptinJam 2.0 is a powerful WordPress extension that enhances your WebinarJam experience by giving you more flexibility when it comes to register people to your WebinarJam sessions.

WP OptinJam 2.0 Overview:


WP OptinJam 2.0’s Key Features:

One step or two step registration

 Directly embed the form on any post or page you want. Also, you can use a two-step popup to lure visitors and encourage them to take action and register for the webinar.

Multiple registrations simultaneously

Your visitors can register for multiple webinars from only one registration form.

Full control over registrations and Thank-You pages

You can use a simple shortcode to place your webinar registration page and confirmation page straight on your WP site.

Monetize webinars with PayPal

It allows you to create paid webinars and capture payment details within WP OptinJam 2.0 on your customers.

Works with Webinarjam as well as Everwebinar

 You can build and manage webinar campaigns for not only WebinarJam but also EverWebinar in one place.

Exit popup registration forms

You can add exit popup to increase registrations.

Pixel code forms

 You can easily add pixal code to any webinar for re-targetting.

Built in countdown timers

With this plugin, you can create countdown timers which display in the registration form and within any WordPress post or page.

How Does WP OptinJam 2.0 Work?

#Step 1: Create Your Campaign

With a newbie-friendly interface, you can easily get “Webicode” from your WebinarJam webinar settings and then create your one step or two step button layouts.

  • Complete control over button formatting and content
  • Optional headline and phone number fields
  • Optional tracking for a special offer you place on the confirmation page.

#Step 2: Place Your Shortcodes

You can paste the shortcodes on each of your WordPress pages. The shortcodes will render the webinar registration form and the confirmation webinar URLs.
The registration shortcodes can be placed on any post, page or even within a sidebar text widget.

#Step 3: Start Increasing Your Site’s Traffic

After following all the steps above, you will be able to drive traffic directly to your page. You can create customized registration and confirmation pages branded to match your site.

This result is an increase in webinar conversions and monetization of your sales funnel.

What makes this product different from others?

Once creating customized registration and confirmation pages branded to match your site, you will have the capability to drive massive traffic to your authority site and improve conversions. By using WP OptinJam 2.0, you can easily keep visitors on your wordpress site throughout the entire webinar registration process.

Let’s hear Andy and Mike – the developers of WebinarJam saying about WP OptinJam 2.0.

“All in all, we seriously believe that OptinJam is a great addition to your WebinarJam toolbox, and that it will enhance the way you use WebinarJam significantly: more flexibility, more customization posibilies, more branding for your webinars, etc.”

With this amazing plugin, you can have everything configured from a simple control panel without any coding skills.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

Hope that with my review, you can gain more understanding about this product. If you need any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me.

Regardless, thank you for reading my WP OptinJam 2.0 review and hope to see you soon!



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