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WP Content Ranker Review: Rank For More Keywords, Get Indexed For More Terms & Increase Targeted Traffic


WP Content Ranker - review and bonus - WP Content Ranker

WP Content Ranker:

Nowadays, people use Google to research product or service before making decision to buy something.

Thus, when your site begins to rank in the page 1 Google you will be able to get more traffic, conversion or even increase their sale… Understand that, Abbas Ravji recently has launched a new WP plugin that help user rank their site.

WP Content Ranker is the useful WP Plugin which helps you rank for more keywords, get indexed for more terms and increase targeted traffic. It includes the social syndication feature which assists you to increase social signals, leverage authority and boost social awareness. It works effectively for any niche.

WP Content Ranker Overview:


WP Content Ranker’s Key Features:

By using this WP Plugin, you can get several brilliant features:

  • Reverse Engineer your competitors – You will have ability to know why they RANK and get data to RANK higher
  • Fully Integrated with Spin re-writer and The Best Spinner – This feature will help you easily spin your content
  • Dissect Google Top 10 Results – You can learn the methods to rank on page 1 Google for any keyword
  • Build Page 1 Ready Optimized Content – Drag and Drop Easy (it is actually fun)
  • and more.

Also, you can take advantage from WP Content Ranker through 5 easy ways:

1 – RANK In Google and Increase Traffic: Create page 1 worthy content, rank in Google and increase traffic.

2 – Reverse Engineer Competitors and Become the Authority: Reverse engineer competitors, know how they rank and become the competitor to beat.

3 – Boost Social Popularity with only a Few Clicks: Simply click a button to share your pages and posts on social sites for even more signals and links.

4 – RANK for More Keywords and Boost Targeted Traffic: RANK in Google for more keywords, boost targeted traffic and increase conversions.

5 – Auto Generate Content that RANKS (Drag and Drop Easy): Analyze Page 1 ranking content and generate optimized content for yourself (Drag and Drop easily)

On the other hand, WP Content Ranker is applicable for anyone who wants to rank their site in the top results of Google. Also, bloggers, online marketers, entrepreneurs as well as offline, video or affiliate marketers and SEO pros can benefit from this WP Plugin to their page.

How Does WP Content Ranker Work?

In order to use this WP Plugin, you just need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Install Plugin and Configure settings
  2. Analyze Competitors, Create posts and Syndicate Content
  3. Watch Your Rankings and Traffic Increase

What makes WP Content Ranker different from the others?

You are able to build page 1 optimized content Drag & Drop Easy. WP Content Ranker will let you build optimized content that Google Loves. You can simply analyze Google for your Keyword, then Drag & Drop Optimized Content into your own editor. This allows you to construct Page 1 Optimized Content each and every time. Reverse Engineering sites that RANK in Google is a tried and tested method used by almost all of the Top SEO marketers. And WP Content Ranker will let you do it with Ease.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors, Become the Competition to Beat. WP Content Ranker reverse engineers Google for ANY Keyword, language and for ANY niche. It also works with ANY Google location of your choice. Plus, it will display the Exact Titles, the Headings used, Images added, the actual Content and Special LSI terms used by each site that RANKS in Google. The Data, Terms, and Insights given by the Plugin allow you to construct optimized content for yourself that is better than your competitors.

You can create optimized content without having to write a single line of text yourself. Thanks to this function, you can simply Drag & Drop content used by your competitors and construct your own. Pick and choose content, slice and dice it, then Spin it using the Spinning features. This makes your content 100% unique and optimized ready to RANK inside of Google.

GET Indexed for More Keywords, RANK for More Terms & Boost Targeted Traffic. WP Content Ranker has Advanced Content Rotation logic built into it. This feature allows you to add multiple pieces of content to your posts. The content on your posts will then change and get rotated with each page refresh allowing them to be indexed and found for more keywords. This feature provides the Search Engine Robots with new content to index. It also makes your site appear like its being updated more frequently and provides new content for returning visitors.

Discover, Curate and Share Highly Relevant Content. Use WP Content Ranker to query the search engines for discovering highly relevant content. Publish your curated content and then share it with the world on social sites. You will be able to curate and publish world class content time after time. Something that will make Google fall in Love!

And here is the feedback from the users:

“Abbas’s team have produced yet another top quality product. WP Content Ranker has allowed us to produce relevant, quality content for some really difficult niches that you just cannot get unless you pay through the nose for it. Again, another Ravji jewel that any serious marketer should snap up in an instant!”, stated David WhiteGold ( Goldie ) goldieseo.com

Exclusive Bonuses Of WP Content Ranker:

[Coming soon…]

Final verdict – Your Turn!

To conclude, WP Content Ranker is the brilliant tool for those who care about what goes on their websites. It is for those who want to take control of their SERPs, climb to the top and stay there for the long game.

Thanks so much for your reading and hope to see  you soon in my next review!




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