Women’s Health & Wellness Review: 300+ Pieces of High Quality and Diverse Health Content For Your To Reach Massive Audience

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

Women’s Health & Wellness:

Nowadays, while women are the greatest caretakers, they usually neglect to take care of themselves and put their own needs last, after work, kids, parents, siblings, partners, friends, co-workers or even neighbors. Career women who juggle work and family are notorious for neglecting their self-care needs.

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, there are about 66% of caregivers are female, and even when men provide assistance, female caregivers may spend as much as 50% more time providing care than male caregivers.

Women reported willpower as the first barrier to changing lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise and most attributed the lack of willpower to extreme fatigue and low energy and six times as many women as men say that having more help with household chores would enable them to improve their willpower.

Self-care needs to be a top priority for all women!

Understand this, Women’s Health & Wellness has already created to give you the opportunity to deliver key information a huge number of women need with the highest quality content in various media that you can be proud to share with your audience.

All the research and hard work have been done for you to reach this massive audience!

Women’s Health & Wellness is the new product that gives you more than 300 pieces of high-quality and diverse done-for-you health content. It is the PLR stands for Private Label Rights which is a license for various types of content that allows buyers to edit legally, publish and sell (within license parameters) the content as their own.

Moreover, it is not the only ebook, but also includes reports, high-quality HD videos, articles, infographics, sales materials, and much more.

Women’s Health & Wellness Overview:


Women’s Health & Wellness’s Key Features:

Let me show you several benefits that this product provides you:

32 Pages Ebook: The Art And Science Of Seft-Care. You can edit to make it your own to use the content on your sites, then sell or give it away.

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

It includes:

  • Editable ebook cover. Easy to edit Powerpoint source file, and cover image included separately.
  • 21 Copyright Free Images. Provided separately and in the report.
  • Custom squeeze page and download page. Instructions to edit and upload included.

7 Day Autoresponder Email Series. Worded in a method that it can be used to promote any seft-care health/wellness information.

18 Page Report Positive Seft-Talk. It includes detailed and useful information, beautifully formatted ready to sell or give away to build your lists.

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

12 Page Report 101 Ways To Care For Yourself. It is another great report filled with useful information and a fantastic resource for your audience.

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

21 Page Report 101 Must-Have Health Tips For Women. Brand new with detailed and comprehensive information, detailed report you can sell, use it to build your lists or create different articles.

Seft-Care Assessment Test. It is a useful resource for your audience, printable assessment test to evaluate the level of seft-care practices.

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

4 Infographics (editable)

15 New High-Quality Articles

HD Video: 5 Minute yoga/deep breathing relaxation demo with instructor.

2 High-Quality High Definition Videos (editable)

2 Professional Voiceovers Provided Separately. It includes text scripts and can be used as you wish.

And much much more…

How Does Women’s Health & Wellness Work?

In my opinion, I think this product is different from the others because it is a no-brainer deal loaded with high-quality content:

  • Everything is done for you
  • Evergreen and hugely popular niche
  • Full PLR rights to brand, edit and sell
  • Many editable source files to make it your own
  • Save lots of money and time

Here are some ways for you to use this content:

  • Educate your clients, blog subscribers and web visitors, brand or turn the articles into an eBook and sell them
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the niche, and give elements as bonuses to subscribers or build your lists
  • Send the information in newsletters, Monetize with affiliate links and make killer commissions/use on affiliate sites
  • Use slideshows, videos and PDF files for site promotion on Slideshare, Scrbd, DocStoc, etc.
  • Convert the PLR to audio, give reports or eBooks as a bonus when someone purchases with your affiliate link
  • Create an entire site with all the content or mix it up to create loads of unique content, Create many unique slideshows to post on your sites and use for promotion to get traffic for your sites
  • Turn the PLR into videos, post on your sites, or promote on Youtube,Vimeo, etc.
  • Use the information to create podcasts, make it into special reports, or you can use it on Twitter and Facebook, add it to an existing related product.

And much more…

Now hear what people say about this content:

“The content provided by JR is measurably better than anything you would get from even the top ghostwriters. No matter the topic, the information is always very comprehensive, very well written and highly detailed. I love how she references authority entities and offers many statistics and scientific studies in her writing. The videos are amazing too!

First-rate quality is the reason I buy every single pack she puts out, and always wait for her promotional email to buy any PLR because her bonuses are amazing!

I should also mention that she typically answers any support issues I have the same day, sometimes within minutes of sending the request, another great perk of dealing with this amazing PLR provider.

Thanks for everything”, said Ron

And according to Donna J. Davis, CHHC “JR, you are THE best PLR provider I use. Your topics are so relevant. You over deliver, and the quality of your PLR is excellent. Whenever I buy one of your PLR products, I am always impressed with what’s included.”

Exclusive Bonuses Of Women’s Health & Wellness :

Bonus #1

9 Page Report with 1,636 Words

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

12 benefits of having fun for Women’s Health

  • Editable word and beautifully formatted PDF
  • Editable eCovers with 9 different 2D/3D designs
  • 11 copyright free images
  • Custom squeeze page

Bonus #2

Editable Infographic

Women's Health & Wellness - review and bonus - Women's Health & Wellness

  • Four hallmarks of self-care for women
  • Web-ready high Def PNG format
  • Easily editable powerpoint source file

Bonus #3

5 Women’s Health Articles

  • Five effective and healthy ways to deal with loneliness
  • Four key steps to cultivating your own wellbeing
  • The catastrophic consequences of stuffing emotions
  • How to overcome the self-sabotage of emotional eating
  • Self-Abandonment: have you lost touch with yourself?

Final verdict – Your Turn!

To conclude, with Women’s Health & Wellness, you now can skip the hard work, massive costs and the time it would take to create this content yourself!

This is all of my Women’s Health & Wellness review and bonus, I hope that you can find some useful information about this product.

Thank you for your reading and hope to see you soon!



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