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VidStory – A Perfect Complete Bundle Video Packs With High-Quality Design Help To Boost Your Business


VidStory is complete bundle video packs such as Animation Video Templates, Video Effects, Animation Characters, and much more plus huge video assets. It is not software, plugin or WordPress theme.


All marketers know that Video takes an important role in Marketing today. Everyone have need of Video for his or her business. However, the problem is we have to spend much money to buy a good video on Video markets or hire a Video designer. Instead of that, you can create your video by yourself to save your budgets. However, it seems to be easier, cheaper and faster to have great videos for your work with VidStory.

VidStory is complete bundle video packs such as Animation Video Templates, Video Effects, Animation Characters, and much more plus huge video assets. It is not software, plugin or WordPress theme.

You can get from VidStory:

  • Camtasia animation video ..
  • Tons of animation templates, characters, and assets
  • Easy to understand; the tutorial is included.
  • Smooth and compatible with any video formats
  • The richest collections of ready to use animated video templates ever.


VidStory’s Key Features:

Here is some proofs about features to show that VidStory is working:

1/ High-Quality Video Animation Templates

The bundle package is packed with full color, eye catching, engaging and sophisticated Camtasia animated video templates. They are all done for you! It is ready to use, no fuss – no hassle and all come in the high end and updated styles.

2/ High-Quality Background Animation Pack

ANIMATED VIDEO BACKGROUND; ready to use phenomenal animation video backgrounds that can be applied simply in any animated video. Compatible with any video application and supports various video formats. All you can have for free!

3/ High-Quality Robotic Animation Pack

They complete their bundle with tons of cool robotic animated characters. Which will not only add signature character to your video, but it will also transform your video into something catchier, more engaging, high-tech and trendy.

4/ Whiteboard Animation Pack

The complete collection of ready to use animated characters that mimic the whiteboard explanation model will help you to create a descriptive video that engages your audience both through visual and auditory communication. Your ideas will be grasped way faster and more efficient.

5/ High-Quality Animation Icon And Element Asset Pack

There are tons of social media icons, business icons, and many mores animated icon that you can use to enhance your video in this bundle. The Possibilities are limitless. You can choice whatever you want. Everything is already done for you. All included and free of charge!

6/ Smoke Fx Element Pack

All done for you bundle effects that look like particles and smoke are FLAWLESS. Not only does it add MAGICAL effects to your videos, but it will also enhance the sophisticated look of your videos.

7/ Superb Colorful Transition Pack

They provide a bundle of SLEEK transition effect animations to add professional effects to your video.

How Does VidStory Work?

How will a high-quality design boost your business?

Brand Narrative Affects Brand Identity – The Economist

In the realm of online communication, e-commerce, and social media like nowadays, Brand Narrative has become an essential element to developing Brand Identity. A sophisticated video that describes the character of your business will affect the identity of your brand.

Brand Stories Build Emotional Connections – Forbes

Stories matter in life and marketing. Be it in PERSONAL BRANDING or BUSINESS BRANDING. The reason is simple. Great stories make people feel something, and those emotions create powerful connections between you and your audiences. However, to achieve the connections, the story – preferably the well-presented ones – need to be shared with the world. Story which is shared to their customers.

An Authentic Business Story Improves Trust – The New York Times

Storytelling is all the rage. More and more business are comprehending the power of stories to transform their presence and identity.

You have seen how Apple, Coca-Cola or Disney has become legendary through their authentic business.

There are a lot of bonuses from VidStory:

Exclusive Bonuses Of VidStory:

Bonus 1:  Toon Social Media Video

This social media animation templates are suitable for Insta story, WhatsApp story, SnapChat or any other social media branding and promotion projects.

Bonus 2: Cute Animated Character

This template will help you increase viewers and reach a broader audience, which will assist you in introducing your BRAND and SETTING your MARKET…

Bonus 3: Youtube Cover Templates

YouTube Cover templates to customize your YouTube Channels, so it will look more personal, yet professional.

Bonus 4: Youtube Thumbnail Templates

Vidstory - review and bonus - Vidstory


Final verdict – Your Turn!

Vidstory is the easiest  way is to impress your story from one end to the other your audience. Their animated connection to your brand will increase when your audience can answer to your video. I hope that all of the information in VidStory Review can help you obtain more understanding about that product.

Thanks for your reading!



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