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Video Ad Mastery Review: It’s Time For You To Generate Huge Retargeting Lists Of Interested And Engaged People On Facebook

Video Ad Mastery review and bonus - Video Ad Mastery

Video Ad Mastery:

The time has come when you finally know how to instantly create and convert niche passionate audiences on Facebook by using simple video ads and set/forget evergreen campaigns.

Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, James Sides & Sam Finlay released a new training course called Video Ad Mastery which allows you to learn and use to generate huge retargeting lists of interested and engaged people. As well as teach you the simple steps of creating killer Video ads without the need for third party software or animation skills.

If you have a Facebook page and are actively running ads, this is for you. (This system works for Ecom but also for digital products and services)

If you are just getting started in Ecom and don’t know how to consistently make sales from Facebook Ads, this is for you.

Inside of “Video Ad Mastery” Course you’ll learn the complete setup of this system for a real, live FB page with 65k+ fans (nothing hidden)…


  • How to setup viral video ads for instant niche engagement
  • How to setup video engagement based audiences
  • How to create evergreen retargeting audiences that always stay engaged and clicking
  • How to setup evergreen expiring timers to instil REAL urgency into your ad campaigns
  • How to easily create short, story based product video ads with free tools and assets
  • How to add another layer of urgency based retargeting to your campaigns to push buyers off the fence and into your world.
  • …AND lots more!

Video Ad Mastery Overview:


Video Ad Mastery’s Key Features:

By getting Video Ad Mastery, you will find out:

  • Watch as they source products for their Real fan page audience of over 70,000 fans (nothing hidden) build up a video ad from scratch in a short time directly in Facebook (no other tools needed) and start generating evergreen clicks and sales in their niche.
  • How to quickly generate a highly targeted niche audience from scratch and use that audience together with easy to create Video Ads to make more profits.
  • How you want to profit doesn’t matter: if it’s eCommerce, digital products, Shopify stores, CPA, t-shirts, list building, or anything else in between… these traffic methods can drive the cheapest, most targeted traffic of your life to result in amazing revenue.
  • How to start with little budget. NO content of your own, NO customers of your own, NO list… with only an Internet connection and the goal to make it happen.
  • How to make FB give you the best and most profitable audiences you’ll ever target. Hungry buyers and the most passionate people in your niche! This audience is already “hiding” on Facebook’s servers, and there’s one EASY way to access that info for yourself.
  • The cheapest, Facebook approved method to run ads directly to affiliate links, squeeze pages, and anywhere else you thought was off limits (it’s NOT… Now you only have to do it this legal way…)
  • How to utilize other people’s content while obeying all copyright laws and never getting in trouble.
  • How to make use of super simple video ads to make the most elite, best performing audience you have ever targeted to – and leverage it for constant streams of cheap traffic to your offers.
  • The engagement hack that removes all of those wasted “reactions” on your ads and weeds out only the people who are truly passionate in your niche.

How Does Video Ad Mastery Work?

Exclusive Bonuses Of Video Ad Mastery:

Bonus 1

Add automation rules to your live campaigns to reduce risk and save time…

By automating repetitive tasks to make your ad management and hands off results even easier!

Bonus 2

Use a brand new Facebook feature to create reaction based custom audiences for even faster growth/retargeting…

Never waste an engagement action and take advantage of every view, click, like, comment and share to create a new targeted audience to engage with your campaigns…

Bonus 3

Expand your niche audience into the millions capitilizing on Lookalike Audiences (the right way…)

Understand the true power of lookalike audiences and how to correctly generate and use the seed audience so your lookalike customers convert every time…

Bonus 4: Social Pixel

Social Pixel Suite is a WordPress plugin that automates the setup of all your FB Pixel standard events – So you can accurately track and optimise your FB ads without touching any code.

The plugin also creates filtered custom audiences for more accurate retargeting of site visitors that are actually engaged with your content & more.

Bonus 5: 50 Ready To Go Facebook Ad Templates

  • No need to waste time and money hiring expensive designers and fickle freelancers.
  • Just edit our high converting templates to your needs, no expensive software required
  • Works on both Mac and Windows (Keynote and Powerpoint)
  • Or simply use designs ‘as is’ and upload directly to Facebook Ads Manager

Bonus 6: Ideal Customer Worksheet

  • Answer the simple questions inside to generate a full picture of who, exactly you are targeting on Facebook.
  • Unlock unique aspects of your target audience that you can take advantage of when setting up your FB targeting inside the ads manager.
  • Create a complete profile of your ideal customer for congruent message match in all your offers.

Bonus 7: Facebook Targeting Cheatsheet

  • This simple to use cheat sheet covers every single possible targeting option available to you inside Facebook.
  • Easy, at hand reference to find unique and cost effective ways to target your ideal customer on Facebook.
  • In depth data on what you can do with FB targeting at a glance, without endless fiddly to see the options inside Ads manager.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

As small as your investment will be today if you jump aboard during the limited launch pricing, of course there is a guarantee.

The Video Ad Mastery Guarantee…

You’ve got 30 Days to put this into action.

If it doesn’t make you at least 10x what you invested in that amount of time, simply send an email to their support team for a full refund.

Simple right?

I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.



Moneyback guarantee