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Tube Rank Explosion Review: Make YouTube Give You The Most Targeted Traffic, And The Best Results Imaginable

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

Tube Rank Explosion:

Today, this article’s focus went into mastering ONE thing. YouTube.

Here Are a Few Reasons Why:

  • YouTube is now the second largest search engine with 1 billion daily visitors. I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?
  • Youtube is more popular than cable television
  • Youtube now receives over 5 billion daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!

Oh, and one more thing.

Google OWNS YouTube. They want more traffic to come YouTube’s way than ever!

So when you master the world’s second biggest search engine, you can put yourself in front of millions of people who are actively searching for solutions that YOU can provide the answer to.

Think about this.

If someone comes onto YouTube and types in ‘How to get whiter teeth’ or ‘How to improve your golf swing’ and your video is right there on page one, you can’t help but get huge amounts of laser-targeted traffic.

They are finding you, not the other way around.

‘In some cases, being the hunted is the best option.’

And you can direct these people who watch your video ANYWHERE you want.

  • Your website
  • Your E-commerce store
  • Your Landing page
  • Your CPA/Affiliate offers
  • Anywhere….

Tube Rank Explosion is A Complete ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ Video Training Course on How Lenny Rowell Rank YouTube Videos on Page One of Youtube AND Google for Keywords that will Make You Money!

This will allow you to dominate your competition and make money day in and day out on autopilot with hundreds (or even thousands) of targeted visitors coming to wherever you want.

  • Over The Shoulder Videos.
  • Very Easy to Do.
  • THE Most Targeted Traffic.
  • No Website, Product or Experience Needed.
  • The Traffic is 100% FREE

Tube Rank Explosion Overview:


Tube Rank Explosion’s Key Features:

40 HIGH Quality videos showing you the exact process Lenny Rowell and his team have been using to dominate the search engines. In addition to Lenny Rowell  video ranking blueprint,

Here’s a sneak-peek as to what is inside:

 Module 1- Ultimate Niche Research and Product Selection  

  • How to Choose A Profitable Niche
  • How to Choose A Product That Sells
  • All over-the-shoulder

  Module 2- Buyer Keyword Bonanza  

  • A Secret way To Identify Buyer Keywords
  • Lenny Rowell’s Seed List Keyword Ranking Method

  Module 3- Complete Channel Setup  

  • Ultimate Channel Mastery

  Module 4- Uploading Bootcamp  

  • Tips to Boost your rankings AS you upload the video

  Module 5- Underground SEO Mastery  

  • How the underground pros really do it.
  • Off Page SEO: How to Get Views, Likes, Comments, Embeds, Free Super Powerful Backlinks.
  • White and Grey hat methods to rank like gangbusters.

How to Get Views, Likes, Comments, Embeds, Free Super Powerful Backlinks

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

White Hat Ranking Methods

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

Grey Hat Ranking Methods.

No sugar-coating here.

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

How Does Tube Rank Explosion Work?

This Training course is delivered by:

  • Step-By-Step Video Training
  • Downloadable quick reference guides  You get everything you need to follow along and get results fast.
  • Act today and in addition to complete access to Tube Rank Explosion, Lenny Rowell have also included these fast start bonuses for a limited time only worth $101

Exclusive Bonuses Of Tube Rank Explosion:

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

  Bonus #1 Ranking Guide Workflow Mindmap  

For visual learners, use this mindmap to have a clear idea on how Lenny Rowell rank his videos page one almost every time. You can give this to your VA for guidance as well.

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

  Bonus #2 – Secret Interview  

Interview with Adam Payne. Adam is an underground YouTube marketer who has spoken live at international events. Lenny Rowell grill him on all aspects of white hat YouTube marketing leaving no stone unturned

Tube Rank Explosion Review and Bonus - Tube Rank Explosion

  Bonus # 3 – YouTube Ads Kickstart  

Never taken out a YouTube Ad before? The very thought sent shivers down your spine? Then fear not. In this step-by-step guide, Lenny Rowell will walk you through the process so that you know exactly what to do and do not lose your shirt in the process.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

Check out some words from real customer before making the final decision:

 “Lenny has a way of sharing information in a friendly, knowledgeable, detailed, and easy to follow way. Lenny has a knack for making things like video marketing actually seem simple and he over delivers every time.

If you get the chance to learn from or work with Lenny by all means don’t hesitate!”

  • Charlie B.

“I want to thank you Lenny Rowell. I joined your Facebook group and you welcomed me with open arms. Everytime I had a question it was answered promptly and in detail.

For others who do not know Lenny Rowell, he is the real deal. He is an expert at video marketing and SEO. He has given me information that I would have gladly paid for. This information has helped me rank my videos and increase my online income. The greatest thing about Lenny is that he truly wants to help people and he is as honest as they come.

For anyone who is looking to be successful online I would recommend Lenny Rowell. He is one the good guys online!

  • Paul Ragle

“There’s a few people I follow… but when Lenny has something to say, I sit up and PAY ATTENTION.

Lenny gives great insight time and time again. If you could package that and put it in a bottle… you would have one hell of a great course.”

  • Chase Baer

“Lenny came into my life like a breath of Spring.

It’s always good to meet a new friend in life who is an original thinker, has a sense of humor, thinks objectively and gives an honest opinion. Oh yes and it is a valued opinion too as he is very knowledgeable on many things related to the internet. As such he is frequently on the cutting edge of making things work better and has a great focus on how to apply them to making money.

I have been around a long time myself on the internet and have had some great successes, so I say none of this lightly. There are many people out there that do not give value for money, or even give you things that work – this is not Lenny he provides value in all that he does.

Experienced internet marketers value and trust his opinion, input and help – so you can be sure you can too.

So briefly if you want to improve your business, get advice from a trusted source, stay on the leading edge and have fun along the way get onto Lenny’s list, his Facebook group and buy some of his stuff. That way I know you will improve your life and business with one of the real good guys out there.

Great to see a new face who is contributing a lot to people in his circle of connections and who I think will be around for a long time with continued successes for himself and his tribe – I am happy to be one.

Did I mention he is a great guy too!

Keep up the great work Lenny.

  • Bill Taylor

“Contacted Lenny a while ago when I bought his cpa course. I must say he has become one of my best online friends. Whenever I have needed advice for absolutely anything Lenny has provided me with extensive training or advice.

I am eagerly looking forward for his you tube video course. I know for a fact that he is an expert with video marketing and has told me to go down this route so many times. I told him he should make a video course which he has finally provided for me. .

Thank you Lenny for all your help. You have been one of the sole drivers in my online development.”

  • Scott Cooney

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lenny Rowell for a while now and every contact I have with him I learn something. He is a willing and qualified teacher of all facets of internet marketing. His innovative ideas and methods have even inspired the renowned software developer and internet marketer, Cliff Carrigan, to create software to speed up processes that Lenny had developed.

Lenny’s Facebook Net Marketing Mastermind group is also a source of many tidbits from the man himself. I and many others have benefited from membership in the group.

Lenny is always willing to share what he has learned from his years of experience and successful marketing career. I have seen tutorials that he has done that have made topics that are difficult to comprehend crystal clear.

The bottom line is that he is the consummate professional and a really great guy!

  • Ed Gomes

“This is Rod Alley, and you will notice that my testimonials are pretty rare. Unless I feel strongly that a product or course is exceptional, and provides exceptional training that will truly help people and leaves out nothing, then I just don’t have time to write a testimonial, and to make a video testimonial is even more rare for me. For Lenny Rowell, I had to make an exception.

First, I have known Lenny for over a year, and he is one of my few “go-to” guys when I have a question about video marketing, or how to get something done in the least amount of time or effort. I can always count on Lenny to stick to just the question answered, and his answers are nothing short of brilliant. He knows more and willing shares more for free than almost any marketer I know of. So when I found he was releasing a video marketing course, I was first in line to do a testimonial and to review his course. Even though I am becoming an accomplished video marketer, I still found lots to learn in Lenny’s course. He doesn’t waste any of your time, he gives it all, holds nothing back, and there is no fluff. This course is one of the best values you will buy all year.

Lenny’s training style is easy to listen to, he keeps it moving, and he will blow you away with techniques you thought you already knew. Lenny comes across with his sincerity and his true desire to help others. It is evident in everything he does. And when I found out that he is teaming with Adam Payne, that’s another marketer I very much admire and follow. Its a full thumbs-up, highest possible recommendation from me.

  • Rod Alley



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