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SpeakEz Review: Turn Your Visitors Into Prospective Customers By Enabling Them To Listen To Your Speakable Pages

SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz


Do you know the fact that mobile use has been increasing and this is the way users consume content online? Obviously, they want to watch and listen to videos rather than reading the text. This is why they can miss out some valuable information which you provide.

Maybe, visitors find these texts so tedious to read, and they just scroll down the page. It sounds frustrating, right? All of the content you try to build has become useless because they even do not read it. So, SpeakEz has launched to help you resolve these problems.

SpeakEz is a web-based application (SaaS) which allows you to add speech to your website by clicking a mouse, change pitch and speech rate, talk to your visitors in their local language, select your own custom play buttons and autoplays if you choose to select this option. In addition, you can add animated GIFs with speech, to draw immediate attention.

When using this app, you can easily grab more traffic as well as convert the visitors into your prospects by letting them listen to your pages. Thus, you can extend your market share because there are such a lot of language you can utilize for speaking to people from many of countries in the world.

SpeakEz Overview:


SpeakEz’s Key Features:

You can easily drive more traffic to your site and capture visitors by adding your voice to your pages. Therefore, visitors are able to enjoy a capturing narrated audio instead of content will full of text. Let’s have a look at what SpeakEz brings in:

Auto-play – Get your narration to autoplay when visitors land on your page so you can direct them to what they should do next. Combine this with a GIF, and you get your visitor to engage instantly.

Pitch Modifier – You can also change the pitch of the voice you have selected, to suite your preference.

Simple – Allow visitors to seamlessly transition from reading your content, into enjoying a captivating narrated audio version they can have read to them at their leisure.

Use Anywhere SpeakEz totally works whether synced up to a Bluetooth device, in the car, or even while multitasking with other apps.

Voice Over GIF’s – There are hundreds of GIFs in our database you can utilize for capturing attention with including Voice Overs to your GIFs.

Speed Reading  – Allow your visitors to read your text in 5 times the speed by adjusting the narration speed.

Enter New Markets – With this product, you can enter new language markets with ease, by using our auto translation feature that will speak to in your visitors own language!

Software as a Service – This system is a cloud based service. You don’t have to install any other software, just use your login credentials, and you are ready to go.

Support – One click support desk button right inside the application.

Lifetime Access – Just pay a one-time fee now and use SpeakEz for a lifetime.

One Click Play Button – With SpeakEz, visitors can navigate your audio visually by pressing the playback icons on your page.

Fully Automated – Simply select the voice you want to use, copy the code that SpeakEz has created and paste it in the Head Tag of your site, and SpeakEz places the play buttons on your site automatically.

Moreover, you also have a chance to get access a lot of voice set up by the producer for creating high-end and professional animated videos that speak. Besides, you can also create speaking GIFs to appeal someone who drops by your site.

How Does SpeakEz Work?

This is a web-based system, so there is no need for you to install any other app. Furthermore, this app is suitable for almost people so a newbie can use it easily by following a simple process below.

First of all, you need to select the voice you want to use.

After that, you have to copy the code which is created by SpeakEz and paste in the Head Tag of your site.

It is clear that SpeakEz is powerful that you must possess to get more traffic to your site. You can simply create speakable pages which visitors are able to navigate your audio visually by pressing a playback icons on your page. That is not all you can access it by even mobile or desktop.

The producer also offers the user a library of GIFs to let them create a voice over GIFs to capture attention. You just need to search any of them which suits your campaign the most.

Additionally, you are able to enter new language markets simply  by utilizing auto translation feature that will speak to visitors in their language. Here are some of the language you can use to speak: English , Portuguese, Polish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, etc.

Besides choosing voice, SpeakEz also enables you to change the rate of speed that the voice reads the text selected. Also, you can determine the pitch of the voice which you have selected so as to increase or decrease the pitch to alter voice slightly by using narration technology.

Moreover, you are able to create or pick your own play buttons to suit your page. To make it easy for the visitor to read your site, you just enable auto-play and give them the necessary calls to action, to engage them and tell them what to do.

Exclusive Bonuses Of SpeakEz:

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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SpeakEz review and bonus - SpeakEz

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Final verdict – Your Turn!

All in all, I do hope that you can gain more understanding about SpeakEz. In case of having any further question, please feel free to get in touch with me. Thank you for reading my SpeakEz.



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