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Pixo Blaster Review: Brand New Software That Will Drastically Increase Your Videos Conversion

Pixo Blaster review and bonus - Pixo Blaster

Pixo Blaster:

How would you like to be able to create professional videos that you can sell for hundreds of dollars in less than 5 minutes!?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that lately all local businesses are searching for professional video services.

How many $$$ do you think a dentist would happily pay you if you created a professional video with a PRO spokesperson for his advertising and lead generation?

Now you can create one with just a few clicks:

– Insert an image of his office or surgery as a background image behind the spokesperson.
– Add a Lower Third to show his specific business name and phone number
– And close the deal with a proven to convert spokesperson videos…

Imagine having the capability to create hundreds of custom HD videos for hundreds of niches:

Local niche, Amazon, Affiliate products, weight loss, Offline Businesses….

No problem! Pixo Blaster has the perfect spokesperson ready and waiting for you!

Pixo Blaster is one of the few MUST HAVE video marketing software programs! You’ll be able to add the most critical element of video marketing: ‘Real Human Interaction’ and make your visitors take action.

By getting this software, you can:

  • Having professional actors introducing all of your videos
  • Transforming any under performing video into a 4,5 or 6 figure income stream
  • Customizing Your background and music for maximum CONVERSION
  • Having professional actors ‘Closing The Deal’ for you
  • Adding lower third graphics to show specific product/business names and contact information
  • and more…

Pixo Blaster Overview:


Pixo Blaster’s Key Features:

Here’s what you’ll get in Pixo Blaster:

100+ Intro & Outro Spokesperson Videos

Pick from a vast collection of professional intros & outros that are proven to increase retention rate, captivate your audience, and 10x your conversions…

15+ Professional Spokespersons

They worked closely with the best spokespersons and copywriters in order to make sure that each intro will fit your needs & niche and will boost your video marketing results like you have never seen before.

Features over 40+ Niches

They worked hard and blasted a ton of surveys in order to make sure that they have the best intro/outros for the most profitable niches. Niches available in Pixo Blaster are Affiliate, Amazon, CPA Software, Fitness, Video Marketing,  Ads conversion, Email Marketing, SEO Tools, Website Conversion, Make Money Online, Review Videos, Offline, Real Estate, Doctor, Wood Working, Dog Training, Financial…

Easy To Use Interface

Just follow the easy step by step Process and your video is done. Pixo Blaster is a windows software, so you can control everything you’re adding inside it right from your dekstop…

  • Auto download videos from YouTube
  • Add lower thirds to your videos.
  • Remove the green screen from the videos.
  • Auto add watermarks to your videos.
  • Change the green screen with animated backgrounds.

With the powerful features of Pixo Blasteryou will be able to:

  • Make your videos work: Turn any video into automated email lead generation machines, guaranteed to get you bigger conversions, more leads and sales
  • Get Targeted TRAFFIC: Get thousands of perfectly targeted traffic to your offers, in record time
  • Save Time and Money: Stop shelling out cash on graphics designers, copywriters, video creation tools … STOP paying entirely!
  • Make More Sales: Convert up to 50%+ of our visitors into buyers, with no time, tools or extra work from your side.
  • Increase Customer Retention: Captivate your viewers and get higher retention rate.
  • Increase Engagement: Get your viewers to interact with you and get

How Does Pixo Blaster Work?

1. Captivate Attention – Add an INTRO video that will captivate your viewers

2. Engage – Add yours or someone else’s video content

3. Convert – Close the deal with a proven to CONVERT outro video

Final verdict – Your Turn!

Everything is going to change when you start using the software

  • No More SPENDING Hundreds of Dollars On Spokesperson Videos!
  • No More Expensive COPYWRITERS!
  • No More Waiting For Your Videos To Be Delivered!



Moneyback guarantee