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Live Stream Machine Review: Syndicate your content to a variety of other places

Live Stream Machine - review and bonus - Live Stream Machine

Live Stream Machine:

They want more than to just watch a video on the Internet. They want to take part in the action. Be there LIVE with the person doing a video. To ENGAGE.

Live streams have become trendy, they are engaging and exciting. Facebook has made it popular with their easy to use the broadcast feature on their App for iOS and Android.

But there is one BIG problem with it though…

You can only stream live video to one place at a time. This means that you will only reach your friends or people in a certain group, or page…

The following app that Andreas has just introduced could exponentially increase the visibility of your videos with the click of a button, creating a tidal wave of visitors to your live stream.

Live Stream Machine allows you to syndicate your live video to an unlimited amount of pages and groups that you own. On top of that, it sends out notifications to all major social media accounts like (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). It doesn’t stop there….

Live Stream Machine will revolutionize the live video market and YOU are on the forefront of it all. Be the first to get your hands on this Breakthrough new software.

No installation needed (browser based), works with Windows and Mac, no technical skills required. It’s a No Brainer.

Live Stream Machine Overview:


Live Stream Machine’s Key Features:

Here is what Live Stream Machine will do for you:

  • Syndicate your live video across all your pages and groups the moment you go live
  • Send out a message to all your social media accounts, letting people know that you are live on Facebook (or YouTube)
  • Syndicate your “offline” videos (via upload or link to video) on unlimited Facebook pages and groups that you own
  • Drive Insane amounts of people to your live video!

It doesn’t stop there….

It does the same for YouTube live videos too!

Whenever you start a live stream, it will syndicate it to all the places you specified within the App.

Live Stream Machine - review and bonus - Live Stream Machine

It took thousands of dollars and countless hours to program and now it is here, ready for you to generate some serious income with it.

Live Stream Machine - review and bonus - Live Stream Machine

Final verdict – Your Turn!

The price is getting higher every day the launch goes on. So the price you see right now is the lowest price you’ll ever see.

So are you ready to give it go?

Click the BUY button now to get started.



Moneyback guarantee