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Kriketz Review: The first live reaction and vote broadcasting software has been launched

Kriketz review and bonus - Kriketz


It’s becoming pretty difficult to get the attention from your followers with so many groups pages and posts on Facebook. Well, how can you still stand out?

Did you know that video posts on Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than regular videos? It’s pretty obvious that live video is the way in 2017 to do just that.

However, not everyone always have the time nor the willingness to go on camera to engage your viewers to get them to click your call to action. Setting up your live session takes a lot of set-up time. Not everyone have the time to prepare for a live video and set up all those complicated streaming apps.

That why Griff and his team has introduced Kriketz, the first live reaction and vote broadcasting software. They have combined the power of questionnaires with the power of live video.

Kriketz is the world’s first fully automated, self-contained Facebook software for live reactions & comment broadcasting. The tool handle all the broadcasting for you and as everything to get you started. In fact, it’s just 3 clicks easy.

With Kriketz, you can…

  • Broadcast a live video with an active question and get your viewers to vote with Facebook reaction.
  • Choose to leave your video recording equipment aside and set your voting video in just minutes and get all those lights coming in.

Kriketz Overview:


Kriketz’s Key Features:

  • MASSIVE Live Engagement Powerhous
  • FB LIVE Comments Poll
  • Proprietary LIVE Reactions
  • Keyword-Based Comments Polling System
  • Built-In Automatic Broadcasting
  • Heightened Possibility of Viral Videos
  • Shoutout Texts Inside The LIVE Stream
  • And much, much more…

How Does Kriketz Work?

STEP 1: Set Up Your Campaign

STEP 2: Stream Your LIVE Video

STEP 3: Engage & Go Viral

Your video will automatically stream on to your timeline groups and/or pages. Whether it’s just one or multiple groups or pages, your followers will directly be notified that you are live in their notification speed and urge them to have a look.

With an attractive design of your questions and the ability to click the right reactions to cast your vote, you will supercharge your Facebook marketing.

By including your call to action, you can get your viewers to act immediately, get your followers to your pages and groups without any advertising spin and engage your viewers and let your post go viral.

With Kriketz, you can go live on Facebook, vote with reactions, switch on auto sharing and commenting, and design your questions with your favorite backgrounds and sounds.  You can even personalize your posts to engage your viewers immediately.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

This is your chance to reengage your followers in just minutes with live video. Profit from the best of two worlds but going live and engaging users with polls.

So act now and get Kriketz during this launch before the price goes up.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity and grab it now.



Moneyback guarantee