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ConnectExplore Review: Target The Hottest FB Buyers Your Competition Doesn’t Know Exist

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore


The New Facebook Opportunity Business Owners Like YOU Have Been Waiting For
“A set of circumstances which makes it possible to do something.”

That’s what an opportunity is.

It’s the moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. Until today, marketers have never had an opportunity like this. Imagine if you could:

  • Find profitable untapped Facebook interests other marketers and business owners didn’t already know about … effectively leapfrogging your competition
  • Know ahead of time the exact interests to target in your advertising – with pre-analyzed interests so there’s no guesswork involved
  • See which interests in your ad sets were generating clicks and making conversions . . . so scaling multiple interests becomes a no-brainer
  • Eliminate the need for complicated split testing to find lucrative interests
  • Effortlessly filter your audiences to drill down to the hungriest groups of leads and buyers

You don’t have to imagine anymore.

Get stunning results from Facebook ads for YOUR business… even if you’ve struggled before.

The Interest Targeting Tool Facebook Marketers Need Right Now

Wilco built an interest gathering and analytics tool for Facebook unlike ANY other on the market.

This advanced (yet simple-to-use) tool:

  • Pre-qualifies every interest as highly relevant for the keywords a user enters
  • Shows instant performance metrics of each & every interest – without any guesswork or complicated split testing
  • Finds untapped interests other tools can’t access – giving you a one-sided advantage over your competition
  • Adds interests directly to your ad manager in a single click – without any cutting and pasting (massive time savings)
  • Includes interest ‘layering’ in your targeting options… (more on how layering significantly increases your conversions soon)
  • Doesn’t need any outside tracking tools to measure results (which are a pain to set up)

In short, ConnectExplore tool FINDS targeted audiences that are hidden from your competition, RATES those audiences for profitability, & helps you serve PRECISE ads for maximum ROI.

ConnectExplore is the brand new tool to uncover the most profitable Facebook interests to target..

ConnectExplore Overview:


ConnectExplore’s Key Features:

ConnectExplore’s Advanced Targeting Features

ConnectExplore finds you the lucrative interests your competitors miss out on . . . dominate your niche for skyrocketing ROI on your ad dollars!

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

User Friendly Layout / Dashboardfind and filter interests with ease

  • get the interests you need to dominate your competition, when you need them
  • save all interests as ‘projects’ you can build on and add to over time

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Powerful Interest Search Engine – finds the motivated audiences you NEVER uncover on your own

  • search MULTIPLE keywords at once
  • auto-suggest feature finds you all related keywords as you search
  • uncover even more highly related interests to your keywords by enabling “search extensions”
  • For example, if you typed in ‘nursing’ as your keyword, the extension feature would search for ‘nursing association’ ‘nursing institution, ‘nursing school’ etc. as well
  • analyzes which Facebook pages can be used as an interest for your Ads
  • cruise past your competitors with interests they’ll NEVER find on their own

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

“Explore” Pages (no other tool on the market does this)

  • ConnectExplore finds Facebook Pages which have liked similar Pages to theirs… then allows you to target these “liked” pages. This way, you can ‘piggyback’ on the work of work of others – you won’t be limited to your own creativity to find interests.

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Automated Suggestions

  • Once you get an initial list of interests, ConnectExplore suggests an additional list of highly-related suggestions to target

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Filtering – results you can actually USE

  • powerful, smart filters easily find the best interests for your search strings
  • because ConnectExplore is directly integrated with your Facebook ads account, you’ll only see targetable results

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Foreign language targeting option – tap into under exploited local markets

  • target by foreign languages to find hidden markets other marketers are ignoring
  • 43 languages supported – more options than ever to target underserved markets for huge profits

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Advanced Targeting – ad costs go down while performance goes up for the ultimate in ROI

  • drill down to the most motivated audiences with layering (e.g. people interested in 2,3 or 4 of your interest sets)
  • add interest lists to FB ad sets in 1 click (without leaving the ConnectExplore dashboard . . . or any copy & pasting)

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Analyse – the best of split testing without the time, hassle or expense
Get a detailed breakdown of the status of EVERY ad you serve PER interest group

  • Impressions, clicks, CTR, unique clicks, unique CTR, spend, cost per click
  • Works with all of your ad sets – not just those created with interests you discovered with ConnectExplore
  • Drop under-performing ad sets in a single click (enables you to constantly optimize your campaigns for a MASSIVE return-on-investment of your ad dollars)

How Does ConnectExplore Work?

It works its magic in 4 simple steps:

  1. Discovery
    Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition
  2. Filter
    Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers
  3. Target
    Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI
  4. Analyze & Scale
    Measure which interests are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket

Exclusive Bonuses Of ConnectExplore:

Get Incredible Value For Your Money… And A Very Special Bonus

As a way of welcoming you into the Connectio family, The company have a very special bonus offer for you.

You’ll receive 30-days of free access to the award-winning Facebook marketing suite of software called ConnectSuite.

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

These Aren’t ‘Lite’ Versions Of My Best Tools

Sometimes, software developers allow prospective customers access to watered-down ‘lite’ versions of their products.

This is not the case with your 30-day free trial.

You’ll get to experience ConnectSuite’s full-featured power to boost your Facebook conversions.

Get ready to score all the leads and sales you can handle!

An Overview Of The Potent Tools Inside ConnectSuite…

Here are the ConnectSuite tools you’ll get exclusive access to for the next 30-days with your purchase of ConnectExplore:

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Your advertising dollars are wasted on prospects that show little-to-no engagement with your content. You need to focus your ad spend on your most highly motivated prospects . . . and ConnectRetarget allows you to do exactly that.

  • Segments your visitors based on how they interact with your website.
  • Targets only your most highly motivated prospects (for more leads and sales faster than you dreamed possible)
  • Weeds out tire kickers unlikely to buy or subscribe (keeps your ad costs low)
  • And more . . .

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

ConnectLeads – eliminates the need to manually export data from FB lead ads into your autoresponder. Mobile visitors can add themselves to your list with just a few taps.

  • Fully integrates your Facebook ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency – no wasted time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc.
  • Facebook users on mobile get added to your email lists with just a few taps – leads are automatically imported to your autoresponder/CRM instantly
  • Real-time data and analytics – all the data you need to make important business decisions at your fingertips
  • Most major autoresponders and CRM platforms are supported by ConnectLeads.
  • And more . . .

ConnectExplore Review and Bonus - ConnectExplore

Reach your subscribers like never before with a powerful combination of email and Facebook Custom Audiences. Gain Custom Audience targeting options never available before now. Maximize your conversions for massive ROI and profits.

  • Custom tailor Facebook ads to keep up with your email follow-up sequences – increase your subscribers’ exposure to high-ticket offers using Facebook ads. Maximize your conversions and put more money in your bank.
  • Segment FB Custom Audiences – target past product buyers, subscribers who opened/clicked on emails, didn’t open emails/click links and much, much more
  • Create lookalike audiences based on your subscriber lists – target Facebook users who match similar preferences, demographics and interests of your subscribers. Expands your reach without any extra effort
  • Compatible With Most Popular Autoresponders – almost any autoresponder can be supported with a simple cut and paste of HTML code
  • And more . . .

Final verdict – Your Turn!

Even if you’re brand-new to Facebook marketing, there’s a comprehensive video training library which will walk you through setting up each and every tool inside the ConnectSuite. And if you get stuck at any point, our support desk will be happy to assist you at any time.



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