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ChromiCode Review: Drive Targeted Free Traffic To Any Page Or Offer From A Massive Audience Of Over 1.3 Million Users

ChromiCode - review and bonus - ChromiCode


Google’s Chrome Browser is the most used browser with MORE USERS than ALL the other browsers combined! Google LOVES Google. And they love to highly index ANYTHING that comes from them. Now, with ChromiCode app, you can easily create (2 – 3 minutes) extensions will get you FREE Traffic, Generate Leads and Sales!

ChromiCode is the newbie friendly which anyone can use it to drive targeted free traffic to any page or offer (ideal for new affiliate marketers) from a massive audience of over 1.3 Million users. It also helps you grab a ton of leads and subscribers in any niche from the chrome extension directory, deliver unlimited persistent push notifications and build extensions with in-app purchases.

ChromiCode Overview:


ChromiCode‘s Key Features:

There are several benefits that ChromiCode offers:

The ChromiCode Extension Builder: You will get immediate access to the ChromiCode extension builder which is a SaaS product you can run from right inside your web browser. Then, you can use it to build AS MANY Extensions you like. There is no limits or extra costs for both personal use and developer licenses. Unlimited license!

ChromiCode - review and bonus - ChromiCode

The ChromiCode Training Center: Even the most hapless novice doesn’t get stuck, Curt has recorded six short, concise, easy to follow training videos which cover everything you need to know about making and uploading your own Chrome Extensions.

ChromiCode - review and bonus - ChromiCode

Lifetime Access to The Private FB Support Group: Join this bustling community with over 500 active members all discussing and swapping cool ideas for ChromiCode.

ChromiCode - review and bonus - ChromiCode

Best of all, Curt and Andy both are active in this group and are always nearby to answer any questions you might have.As a ChromiCode user you are guaranteed access to this veritable gold mine.

How Does ChromiCode Work?

You can take advantage of this app by following 5 simple steps:

  1. Decide what you want your extension to do. This can be as simple as showing a page of your website through to pasting in a snippet of “code” to make a game.
  2. Run the “Wizard” which asks a few simple questions. These are all super simple but should you have any issue full video training is provided.
  3. Set up your follow up messages (they can be automated and scheduled). Again this is dead easy and full training is given in the member area.
  4. Press a button and generate your extension. Honestly, you will almost feel guilty that this is that easy!
  5. Upload your extension to the Chrome Store. No waiting for approval, your ChromiCode extension is guaranteed to be accepted into the Google store.

What makes this app different the others?

  • Frame a free HTML5 game (there are hundreds out there) that appeals to a target audience.
  • Imagine having ninety thousand niches targeted prospects that you can message anytime you wanted!
  • Make a “Special Offers” extension for your niche. Whenever there’s a new hot offer (which you earn commission on), they get a notification right in their browser and can even open the offer and buy it right there.
  • Or how about a coupons extension that serves up the latest money off coupons for deals on the web? Needless to say, you will drive all those people to the offers with your affiliate link!
  • Create ordering or customer service extensions by embedding chatbots… And you could make and sell (or rent) these to local businesses.
  • Create an extension for YouTube Channels. Boost engagement and video views on Tube Channels by giving your subscribers a free extension.
  • Or create an “unofficial” extension for any product, service or brand and be able to target their customers and followers.
  • Make an extension for your Fan page or FB Group. Further, engage with your audience, the more you can connect and communicate, the more the trust factor is built, and the more your page or group will get shared.
  • And much more…

According to Adam Jackson: “Not only can ChromiCode generate you a ton of traffic and highly targeted buyer leads but when you begin to pair it up with some of the other products and services it can work with…You’ve got an unstoppable power force on your hands. I love that Andy and Curt have made their licensing so fair and priced it in a way that ANYONE can afford to add this must-have tool to their arsenal. I’ll be recommending this to all my AppBox Studio users.”

Exclusive Bonuses Of ChromiCode:

The ChromiCode Case Studies

Curt has had literally dozens of killer ideas for using ChromiCode to generate income, get traffic and boost engagement.

You are of course free to use any of these ideas, and with this fast action Bonus, you won’t be left to work out the execution for yourself.

You get full access to the growing library of case study videos where will show you exactly how to implement these powerful ideas.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

To conclude,ChromiCode makes an extension that gives your blog readers and followers instant updates whenever you make a new post. Thanks to the persistent, unstoppable push notifications you can grab their attention at any time!

Thank you so much for your reading and hope to see you soon in my next review!



Moneyback guarantee